Stop and start Cloud Resources

What is it?

CloudTime monitors your cloud, stopping then restarting resources to your schedule with no data loss. Doing so for a just few resources can save thousands of dollars a month on your Azure and AWS bills. CloudTime's graphical user interface is easy to use requiring no technical scripting or code. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) so there is nothing to install. With CloudTime you can:

  • Explore and find expensive AWS and Azure resources
  • Schedule resources to be automatically stopped, started or deleted when not needed
  • Execute your schedules at specific times or when utilization falls below your thresholds
  • Stop/start resources depending on their tags, including resources created in the future
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Features Overview

Some of the features that will instantly reduce your AWS or Azure bill
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Find expensive resources

The graphical interface helps you explore multiple AWS and Azure accounts and regions simultaneously to locate your most expensive resources quickly.

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Schedule Downtime

Schedule your resources to be shutdown automatically during quiet periods then restarted again. There is no data loss.

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Detect Under Utilized Resources

Set utilization thresholds below which your resources will be stopped or deleted.

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Catch new resources

Schedules can automatically apply to newly created resources that match specific tag criteria: as your workforce creates new resources, the same schedules are applied automatically

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EC2, RDS, Azure VMs... and more

CloudTime manages EC2 instances, Azure VMs, RDS instances and clusters. It can delete unused ageing EBS volumes, snapshots, RDS snapshots, AMIs and unassigned Elastic IPs.

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AWS and Azure IAM Security

CloudTime's access to your cloud resources is managed through AWS and Azure Identity and Access Management, allowing you to control which cloud resources CloudTime can access.

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Empower your users

Invite your colleagues to CloudTime and allow them to manage their own resources and schedules. Role-based access control and AWS/Azure IAM security allows you to assign only the limited permissions they need.

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No install or contract

Subscribe through the AWS or Azure Marketplaces. No separate contracts to sign or credit cards to produce. SaaS - nothing to install.

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Try for free

Your first 100 actions are free so you can try with no cost or obligation. After that, its only $0.02 for each action (i.e. start, or stop).

See these features in action in our product overview video on YouTube.

Why CloudTime?

Compare CloudTime to similar offerings
vs the "free" offerings
CloudTime Cloud Custodian AWS Instance Scheduler Amazon CloudWatch Scheduler
Cost $0.02 per action AWS costs: CloudWatch, S3. Skilled engineers. Servers AWS costs: CloudWatch, DynamoDB, Lambda. Skilled engineers. Servers $0.10 per alarm/action
Get started easily
Free to try first 100 actions free first few instances free, then AWS costs accrue first 10 alarms free
Nothing to install, get started online in minutes manual install: virtual machines, containers, CI orchestrator, source code control, email server integration
Easy to use graphical interface command line interface, scripts command line interface, scripts
Maximise cost reduction
Schedule multiple resource types EC2, RDS, EBS, EIPs, AMI EC2, RDS only EC2 only
Low skill level / maintenance effort required knowledge: OS command line, YAML, Docker, Jenkins. Continuous maintenance of these required knowledge: CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Lambda manually and continually adjust thresholds per-instance, ensuring in-use instances are not shutdown
Optionally restart resources to your schedule stop or terminate only
vs the commercial offerings
CloudTime Skeddly CloudHealth Total Cloud
Cost $0.02 per action $0.08 per action custom pricing - speak to their sales rep custom pricing - speak to their sales rep
Easy billing? no credit card required. Subscribe from AWS Marketplace. Charges itemised in your existing AWS bill credit card required custom contract and payment terms custom contract and payment terms
get started easily
Free to try first 100 actions free 30 day free trial at the discretion of their sales team max 1 AWS account, 20 AWS resources, 2 schedules free
Nothing to install, get started online in minutes Custom install, requires CloudHealth interventions
Easy to use graphical interface
Low skill level / maintenance effort complex workflows and parameterisation